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Downloaded the "Blomst v0.5" file, extracted it just fine but then this happened instantly when I tried to run the game. I have been waiting for over 2 hours, help pls?


This game is very fun, and the graphics are simple, I really like this game. because the controls are easy.

Do you used Chopclaps Sourcecode bac? they look very similar to me



how many floors are there?


I see it's potential, but it seems abandoned, so I guess it will never be better than now

Made a short gameplay / review thing, awesome game the visuals are truly impressive, any chance you expand on this idea?


This game is beautiful, but may I suggest a few things you could add to make it have more content? It could, for example, have a kind of in-game shop hidden on some levels where you can purchase things with the flowers you collect. Or perhaps a floor just for a single purpose (Like the little shop I mentioned?), instead of just continuously attacking monsters. It's very cute, though I didn't get very far so I don't know if there's content I missed, like other kinds of monsters (which I recommend adding if you haven't already). Good Job, I have high hopes to see what you make of this game in the future! :)

Loved playing it, even if I didn't get very far into it before dying. Very pretty art style and strangely addictive gameplay :D Great work!

Great! The explosive green flowers are probably the most interesting mechanic, but all the combat feels nice too. One tiny technical change that would be great to make is to stop the score timer while a new level is being generated.

A unique and charming game, even if unfinished.

I wrote more about it in my blog:

What it lacks in content it makes up in charm. I hope this continues getting new features.

What it lacks in content it makes up in charm. I hope this continues getting new features.


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man, looks cool. (Wish I didn't have a mac though...)

Known bug: Having multiple computer mice plugged in simultaneously can make the game laggy while aiming with some of those mice. I'll look into this for the next build.

Very pretty :)

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The game seems to crash almost immediately after loading. Sometimes it takes seconds, and sometimes it runs until I attack. It's a shame, the game looks nice. I have to Force Close the game to get out.

Huh, that seems weird. How exactly does it crash? Does it just freeze, or does a fatal error popup appear? If a popup appears, please copy and paste what it says as that would tell me the exact cause of the crash.

Usually it will freeze and I will have to force close, but sometimes it just minimizes to the desktop and runs in the background while not letting me bring focus back to it. I don't get a popup.

neat style and the gameplay is fun as well


Very nicely done! :)


I like the Dungeon of Flowers cover a ton, so it's great to see such a pretty game version of it! I love the colors. It was very fun and fluid to whack skeletons, and I'm also impressed by the dungeon generation. Nice work. :)


Please b0ss! Your art is so pretty, let me get a closer look!


Hey! There's finally a playable build! Long way from feature complete, but the general loop is there I think :D