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will you make a web version?

Really liked this one, loved the sprites, I missed those anoying flying fireskulls XD

Hope we can get a conclusion in the future to the main story and some side-story for the signpot people xD


Can u make a web version of this?


its literally 6mb


can u get a vm through chromebook?


why did you reply to my comment that I made 1 year ago?

Amazing accomplishment. Well done. To think I can fit 1,980 instances of this game on my screen simultaneously. Should I want to. Which I don't. But, you know?

oddly specific way to compliment a game... hmmm



Just played.  Enjoyed.  It's very fun.  Like first one.  Thanks much.  More, please


Xbox Controller support.  It's gone.  First game had.  This one doesn't.  That's fine.  Playing anyways.


Xpadder will allow you remap your gamepad buttons to keyboard keys!

OK.  Thanks.

Played first Xenia.  Playing second Xenia.  

The game is really well done
I see your skills have improved from the first game


excellent game. excellent music. excellent sequel. what more can i say other than woah! woooaah! wooooooaaah!

Also, can you please send me the source code so I can add some things to improve the game. :)

bug report

in the north grass zone, character body randomly disappeared when i step in some blocks

This is really well done. I'm surprised you could make it play that well at just 64x64 resolution, I would have thought that having a view that small would cause problems but it seems not. It feels very polished too

Only thing I'd change is the sword animation, making it snappy (instantly reach the end of the sword slash, with a motion blur from start to finish on that frame)

It's beautiful and plays well, I love it

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Hello! I really enjoyed playing Legend of Xenia, it was short and really fun to play. I think this series has potential. I do miss the menu system when you press Esc., I really wanted to enjoy it even more with full screen. I do understand it is the game jam version after all. I think you did an amazing job considering the constraints you had. This is really inspiring as I too want to become a game developer. So here is a few questions I'd like to ask

1) What engine did you use?

2)How much experience do you have?

3)Did you work with a team?

4)How do you pronounce Xenia?

Thank you for having a read, Linkal out-

  1. Gamemaker
  2. Been making games as a hobby since late 2014 / early 2015, so not much
  3. Music was made by a friend, the rest of the game made by me

Hi, 2question.
- can you send a Linux 64 package (.deb or other)
- would you need help to translat the game in french ?


Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was a great improvement over the first in its overall look and responsive gameplay! I like where you're taking the story and very much look forward to see how you end it! Until then  I made a let's play of your game here~


it suppose to be free


It is free...? Press "no thanks, take me to download" on the donation screen.


Awesome job! As someone who tried to make a zelda-like game for a jam (adventure jam 2017 on gamejolt) I am amazed at how much you got done. Mine was basically a failure but I'm still trying to finish it anyways.

The controls, sound, and art are great and I would really like to see a completed version.

I made a video of my gameplay:


Fun little game. I loved the music. Fuck those bushspikes :D (I hope you get around to do the ending ,  but I'd also take a letter and a teaser for LoX3 in the last room instead of what it is).


I like it.. Nice job.. been  having alot of fun with it.  Definatelhy worth the DL.