1.1.0 - Mostly quality of life changes

1.1.0 - Mostly quality of life changes:

  • Added spooky skull enemy.
  • Made it possible to change spell with the number row keys.
  • Made a rare thing slightly less rare ✨
  • Added a reference to another secret thing in some dialogue somewhere 👀
  • Added controller support. Works with XInput and DirectInput - game will use the first controller it detects.
  • Added (work-in-progress) anti-aliasing. It is w.i.p. because textures with alpha get slightly discoloured, so I still gotta fix that. Enable this in the new Experimental options menu.
  • Added a few NPCs in the gate area.
  • Fixed some file metadata.
  • Fixed misc. terrain issues (incorrectly placed hills, etc.)
  • Fixed unnecessary mouse-lock on the intro menu.
  • Spent a very long time relaxing. Self-care, woo!
  • For those of you asking: yes, I am turning this into a "full" game (at least fuller than it is now). It'll take a while, please understand 💖


Legend of Xenia 3D - 1.1.0 8 MB
Aug 28, 2018

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