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Really cute game! I had fun collecting all(?) 10 coins. Maybe this shares a universe with Donut Heaven...

I love your platforming. Loved Satan Loves Cake, too.

someone said there are 9 coins, but i only found 8 :(

really wanna see the ending when all coins are collected

I like the mood , I like graphism , I like music , I like gameplay , I like your game.

I really liked playing Spearmint Mountain.  I liked everything about it, especially the styling of it.  The game was short and sweet, but very well put together.

What an awesome game. I had absolutely buckets of fun playing this beautiful little title. Plus, the color scheme is fucking dope!

Check out some gameplay here! -

lovely little game

How do you "Grab / Poke" with the keyboard? I tried every button and none of the keys did anything... except for A, which seemed to do some kind of quick fall.

Press left/right on the title screen to switch between different keyboard layouts. There are tutorials in-game that should tell you which keys to press (these will show controller buttons instead if you have a controller plugged in).

Here's a quick reference of the action keys on the different keyboard layouts:

Grab / poke:XXXO
Ground pound:ZYWA
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Thanks, but none of those keys are working for me.

The in-game hints are showing gamepad controls, but I don't have a gamepad connected. Could the game incorrectly think for some reason that I'm using a gamepad, and disable keyboard controls?

Edit: Sorry, I figured it out. I didn't realize that I had to interact with the spikes in the background.

Edit 2: Finished it! Short and sweet, thank you!

Do you happen to have a Xbox One controller anywhere becuase you can use that,  and the A is the ground pound it lets you slam onto the stick things which bounces you.

Played your fun little game I loved it great for being made in 48 hours keep up the good work guys!


This was really neat! I would love to see this idea expanded upon!

I loved the game! The main character was super cute, the the art style was beautiful, and the music was amazing! The mechanics with using the spears was really cool! All in all, just really good job, everyhting is very well done! I made a video, I hope you enjoy! 

cool  but i didn't collect all magic coins

Wow, i end the game with 9 magic coins at first run, ill collect all, thanks for make this game

This is a cool little game. You should run with it, really play with the spear throwing in a full game.

Awesome short game!

Strong mint has bold flavor!

The art was very good, the use of the game maker system was very wise, and it was a very enjoyable game! Good job!


And because lost mints needed a savior... I found 8 of them, are those all hidden? :)


Wow, What a great little story, Great use of the color green and a very enjoyable play. Well done DEVS. Thank you


This was a nice and enjoyable little game. It took me a bit to get past the final area but I had fun while doing so. Mechanics and art style are great, so I would definetly reccommend this to someone who wants to try something different.