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Honestly man I'd love to play this game for my youtube channel if the resolution was a bit bigger like 128 x128 or something, its a little hard on the eyes when your playing it, but this definetly has potential, keep up the good work!

There's a seeeecret hi-res mode

HI Enter 😉

How do u get 128x128

Holding H and I, and pressing Enter, sets the resolution to whatever the Window Size option is set to.

Just played through the full game, Thanks so much for the H I Enter code.

64x64 and 64 days ago?


how did you do 3d like this in gamemaker!?

it is like zelda

One of the small amount of games that manages to recreate the old-feeling gameplay with modern controls.

Just had a quick play. Love it! Can't wait to play more on my lunch break :D 

Nice game so far! Makes me want to do more Zelda-likes!

So, when can we expect the next update?

I don't know. I've been sick for a while, and have had a few other commitments, but it is slowly being worked on.

The software rendering REALLY lags my low spec laptop (Pentium b970)

Is there a way to make it use GPU instead?


yes get a gpu

this game cool!

This is actually an interesting concept. The graphics are kind of a puzzle all on their own

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super cool game, i wish it had more gameplay. also a boss battle at the end would be perfect. you should add more swords and spells. maybe equip 1 spell at a time but two wepons at the same time. that would give you more attack speed. Armor should be a part of this game too. Chapters with differend bosses and mini-bosses, potions should be a think while keeing the game good and simple

This was really cool. I never played the original, but I loved how you made it 3D but kept it all pixels. Great work :D

Really cool game! One question, is the northern shrine in the prototype? I only managed to find the southern, eastern and western shrines.

It is not

i didnt fimd any shrines... just three chest with keys inside of them


I appear to have played the game or something I guess

This was actually pretty awesome. I hope you make this into a full fledged title!


I was pretty pleasantly surprised by this one! For the limitations of the lowrezjam, it all works quite well. My eyes did burn a bit at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. My only minor grievance is that the enemies felt like small annoyances. They didn't provide any rewards and could mostly just be walked around. Other than that I had fun with the short playthrough. I'd be happy to see more of your stuff in the future. Thanks for putting it up here!

Fun adaptation!

I could play this for weeks if there was that much content! Lovely art great sounds and dialogue. Its just so charming i want more!

I really liked the artstyle. Quality game indeed

Where has this game been all my life?! This is my dream right here.  Thank you for making this game possible dude!

Love this game
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Literally my favourite retro game now! I Love it!

Hi, Thanks for making this game, I made you a video in return

This was fantastic! I absolutely loved this! Playing it on a huge HDTV made it obvious that it was a resolution filter, so I knew the game was better than at first glance. By the end I was running around slaying slimes and I had so much fun!

When starting the game I noticed pressing q does the same as a, but pressing e doesn't do the same as d. May be a product of updating from the initial release to current through the itch launcher.

That is to accommodate the different keyboard layout "AZERTY" which is used in France. ZQSD is their equivalent of WASD.

it would be fun to have a timer built in the game, since the game does slow down at times and your time depends on how good your computer is.

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Hey! That's a good point, I'll think about adding that.

BTW, I'm assuming you're the person who set up a page for this game?  It'd be awesome if you could join the Legend of Xenia speedrunning discord, the rest of the guys have some feedback for you about categories, timing etc.

oh hell yeah dude

This is dope dude I'd love to know how you managed to create this.

Never played any of the Zelda games but if they're as good as this i might have to give them ago.

I'll keep an eye out for the next addition, you should be very happy with what you've created here.


Can you make a mac version of it?

No, sorry

Using Wine will probably work


I tried. It's works, but it runs extremely slow (I first mistook it for having froze completely).

Took the time to play. I enjoyed it so much! Hope you do find the motivation to continue!

this was so fun to play!


Please make this into a real game/Android version. I'd play the HELL out of it.

what is that commment


This is incredible! I would love to learn how to design a game like this myself one day

Give Unity a try.


this is a great idea i just started playing and this is awsome 

Also, I have another point to make. Using the scroll wheel to change spells is awful, because if you are on a laptop you simply do not have a scroll whell. Perhaps using the number keys to switch to specific spells might be better?


Good point! I'll add that in the next update. 

Can't wait to try out the bomb spell!


Gaming without a mouse is not really something gamedevelopers think about or should think about. Like, you cant play counterstrike or league of legends without a mouse right.


Just because you cannot play Counterstrike or League of Legends without an external mouse, that doesn't mean that game developers don't think about these kinds of things. I myself have been creating video games for over a year and I design them to be friendly to touchpads and external mice. If you design around the constraints of touchpads, laptop users don't have to suffer.


Well said. I don't think it's a criminal offense to require a mouse, just like touch screen games on phones don't translate to the desktop well, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored if it's possible within the design constraints.


I love this game! I couldn't of imagined how much you could fit into 64x64 pixels. It is hard to even make a pixel art sprite in that size! I love this game. However, this game NEEDS to be finished. I played the post-jam version of the game, and I was quite disappointed that it wasn't finished. Can't wait until you publish the final version!


"Potion seller, i'm going in to battle, i need your strongest potions"

"My strongest potions are too strong for you traveler, you cannot handle my potions"

Anyways the game was great fun and i hope to see more!

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