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This was fantastic! I absolutely loved this! Playing it on a huge HDTV made it obvious that it was a resolution filter, so I knew the game was better than at first glance. By the end I was running around slaying slimes and I had so much fun!

When starting the game I noticed pressing q does the same as a, but pressing e doesn't do the same as d. May be a product of updating from the initial release to current through the itch launcher.

That is to accommodate the different keyboard layout "AZERTY" which is used in France. ZQSD is their equivalent of WASD.

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Hey! That's a good point, I'll think about adding that.

BTW, I'm assuming you're the person who set up a page for this game?  It'd be awesome if you could join the Legend of Xenia speedrunning discord, the rest of the guys have some feedback for you about categories, timing etc.

oh hell yeah dude

This is dope dude I'd love to know how you managed to create this.

Never played any of the Zelda games but if they're as good as this i might have to give them ago.

I'll keep an eye out for the next addition, you should be very happy with what you've created here.


Can you make a mac version of it?

No, sorry

Using Wine will probably work


I tried. It's works, but it runs extremely slow (I first mistook it for having froze completely).

Took the time to play. I enjoyed it so much! Hope you do find the motivation to continue!

this was so fun to play!


Please make this into a real game/Android version. I'd play the HELL out of it.

what is that commment


This is incredible! I would love to learn how to design a game like this myself one day

Give Unity a try.


this is a great idea i just started playing and this is awsome 

Also, I have another point to make. Using the scroll wheel to change spells is awful, because if you are on a laptop you simply do not have a scroll whell. Perhaps using the number keys to switch to specific spells might be better?


Good point! I'll add that in the next update. 

Can't wait to try out the bomb spell!


Gaming without a mouse is not really something gamedevelopers think about or should think about. Like, you cant play counterstrike or league of legends without a mouse right.


Just because you cannot play Counterstrike or League of Legends without an external mouse, that doesn't mean that game developers don't think about these kinds of things. I myself have been creating video games for over a year and I design them to be friendly to touchpads and external mice. If you design around the constraints of touchpads, laptop users don't have to suffer.


Well said. I don't think it's a criminal offense to require a mouse, just like touch screen games on phones don't translate to the desktop well, but that doesn't mean it should be ignored if it's possible within the design constraints.


I love this game! I couldn't of imagined how much you could fit into 64x64 pixels. It is hard to even make a pixel art sprite in that size! I love this game. However, this game NEEDS to be finished. I played the post-jam version of the game, and I was quite disappointed that it wasn't finished. Can't wait until you publish the final version!


"Potion seller, i'm going in to battle, i need your strongest potions"

"My strongest potions are too strong for you traveler, you cannot handle my potions"

Anyways the game was great fun and i hope to see more!

Great game Baku, I remember seeing your progress on the low res effects and everything on twitter. The game plays well, excellent for a game jam!

Made a video

Amazing job! I'd like to play a lot more of this game, even if I had to pay for it! Keep on going, this is very promising! 

I need more game play this game is so much fun. Check out my video on it.


Channel Link 



love it btw keep up the work

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I seem to get lag when there are slimes present in the area, but only after playing for a bit. Other than that it is a great game, love the style! I would love to see the game devoloped futher =)


good but a tiny bit too pixelated


i agree


Cool game. I like the art, but the game really hurt my eyes. Pixels were so fluctuant especially when you are moving.


I agree. It really strained my eyes.

True, but I got used to it quite quickly. Also, smaller the window the better in terms of eye strain.

This looks so cool! 


This looks amazing! At first sight i thought it was a psuedo-3D game, then i saw that you can look up and down. The artstyle is great too! loved the game

Played this on my channel! I really love that low-rez 3D aesthetic. :D


I love the look. Great job!


That was really fantastic! The quirky NPCs, the awesome pixel art, the musical accompaniment, and the simple but absolutely appropriate combat mechanics - everything was superbly arranged. I do not think you have to be ashamed of the fact that the narrative loose ends were not linked. I would rather see it as an exciting cliffhanger, because I for one am already looking forward to the future adventures of Xenia! :D (One thing I noticed, though: When you come to the cemetery, the frames suddenly drop for a while, so maybe a little memory leak crept in there?) All in all, that was a wonderful jam game I very much liked to have featured on our blog in an article. I also uploaded a playthrough video in case someone wants to get a glimpse into this fantasy world. :) Keep it up! That was awesome.

Best wishes,

I had a little play and did a video before making tea and i gota say, it's a cracking little number. I did play it on a 24 in monitor  and recorded with OBS and actually used the display from OBS to play the game. Very nicely put together.



How do you "use(d) the display from OBS" to play the game?

This is awesome, great job!

im willing to record a video on this, just asking for the permission to do so :D

I mean, go ahead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I did and this is one hell of a low pixel game. 



Okay wait, how the frick do you make a 3D game in GMS that is crazy for me xD


Any chance for a Linux version?


I've currently only got Linux running in a vm that's really slow and doesn't support sound output, so it's hard for me to test the game properly. So that's a no for now :(

I've been wanting to set up proper Linux for some time though, if I ever get around to actually doing it, then I'll likely put out a Linux version.

That is unfortunate. Lucky for me I am dual booted. :)

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I am currently using Linux and I'd like to try the Linux version, Can you send me a Linux build.

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I found two keys, used one. Hopped onto lowering gate and noped past the next two. Also, that feel when you find a chest with 100G and you still can't buy the running shoes.
Edit: Really fun game, found my self fire spamming and then panicking when a red slime decided no mana was a great time to face hug me.

This is not the only game in the jam with pixelated 3D graphics that I have played - the style has it's own thing in terms of visual appeal, but it works better in a small window. The game itself is more or less Zelda I guess, and such is the intention here of course. The controls work well and such, so if the graphics please the eye, then you could call this a good game overall.

If you're interested, you're welcome to enter this game to our Game Development World Championship, especially the jam games category!

This game is really cool but there`s only one problem: its too pixelated, i know that is a zelda inspired and retro game but is a little bit hard to see.Great Jam game!

It was made for a gamejam where games needed to be 64x64, the low res is literally the entire point of it lol

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I agree,  I recommend dropping the resolution, might not be what you want but its easier on the eyes. As a fan of 80s/90s games I really like this game, great work so far Baku! It was just a bit harder to see on a screen-fit resolution.


Great work, very impressive jam submission.

Thanks leaf ♥

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