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Legend of Xenia is a retro-inspired, open-world Zelda-like with a resolution of just 64x64 pixels.

Take control of a young girl who wakes up on an island

...with no memories of her past or how she got there...

+ Explore the island

+ Fight lots of baddies

+ Meet new friends

+ Uncover your past


Expected play time: 20-ish min. or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Developed by @Bakufreak

Thanks to:

@jo0ox for making music for LoX

@Gasparatus for letting me use some of his music

@JujuAdams for his great dialogue engine

Created for #LOWREZJAM 2016

Legend of Xenia placed 8th best, among ~400 entries.


Version 1.0 is the "authentic jam version", the one submitted for the deadline. 1.1 fixed a number of bugs and issues. See comments for what's fixed.


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Legend of Xenia 1.0 WIN 21 MB
Legend of Xenia 1.1 WIN 22 MB
Legend of Xenia 1.1 MAC 5 MB


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Didn't take very long, but those 20-30 minutes of gameplay were fantastic. A list of the controls on this page would have been helpful, though. Anyways, I loved it! Keep up the good work.


(Just to be clear, the current 100% off $1000 discount is a joke. The game has always been and will always be free.)

I cannot open the game file. The game may be great but it keeps saying it is damaged when I try to open it. (btw I'm using the Mac version). Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey You And Your Friends (I Assume) Have Really Done A Great Job, If You Ever Need Help With New Additions To The Game Just Go Ahead And Ask.

Thank you! And nope, I'm all alone, just little old me. (Except for the super talented jox and gasparatus who hepled with the music) :D


Allright, It's Just I Have A Lot Of Spare Time And I Don't Know What To Do With It So... Yeah

Duh.. Go and make some video games!

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I'm Not Very Creative

And I'm Not Very Good At Drawing Pixel Art


Really fun, I love the art. I rage quit after dying to skull-squid twice due to skulls spawning on top of me when I hit him. I think there should at least be a small radius around the player in which they won't spawn.

Thank you for playing the game! And sorry for this late answer, life's been really busy. I will add it to the list of things to fix.

This is very nice but I got stuck not being able to find the 3rd key :( Where is it?

Hi! Thank you for the comment and for playing the game! Sorry for this late answer, life's been busy. The 3rd key is in the middle of the Mucky Thicket area.

Tiny update on the current state of things:

A small update to the game is in the works, but other things have kept me busy, so it's a little delayed. The update will only add some small cutscenes and a "main menu" type thing anyway, so if you're thinking of playing LoX right now, the current build is still totally ok!

A Linux is also a thing that could happen with the update.

It works pretty well under Wine on Linux; it didn't seem to recognise my wired XBox controller but keyboard works fine.

Was it made with Game Maker ?


This is pretty cool. Thanks!

Thanks for the comment, glad you like the game :D

Any plan for a Gnu/Linux version ?


A Linux version was talked about, but since people requested a Mac version, we prioritised that highest in the past. I'm working on an update to the game that should be released some time this week, so I'll talk to my Mac/Linux guy about also compiling for Linux this time.

1.1 changelog:

  • Music for Haunted Woods and Western Banks has been switched and is now correct.
  • Music for Haunted Woods now correctly plays when entering the area.
  • Gap in the collision detection near the Western Banks key has been filled.
  • The 2 spiky pillars near the Western Banks key have been tweaked, so they are now avoidable.
  • The EXE file now has a custom Legend of Xenia icon.

I'm also looking into getting Mac and Linux builds compiled.

Seems intresting. Can you make a mac version after the jam?

I can't do it myself as I don't have any Mac hardware to compile it on, but I know some people who do. I'll talk to them about it!

Alright. Thanks for replying!

Mac version up! If you find any issues with it, throw a comment my way and I'll try to figure it out with my Mac compiler guy.

Hey, its working! Thanks!

alright, walking diagonally makes you move faster. Is that a bug or purposefully added?

Also the gameover screen is pretty violent compared to the rest of the game, so it doesn't really fit in... But thats just a nitpick.

When moving horisontally, your horisontal speed is 1 pixel per step (game runs 30 steps per second). Same goes for vertical movement. So when doing both at the same time, both horisontal and vertical speeds are 1, resulting in an effective diagonal speed of sqrt(2), or 1.4. It's just a quirk of my movement system. I could do something fancier, but at this low resolution, horisontal and vertical speeds that aren't ints looks really bad, so I kept it simple.

alright, thanks.

I'd like to 2nd this request for a Mac version! Let me know if I can help with that :]


Mac version up! If you find any issues with it, throw a comment my way and I'll try to figure it out with my Mac compiler guy.

Hmm, when I try to open it I see the error message: "Legend of Xenia" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

I'm told that means the download got corrupted. You could try downloading it again and see it that works, or alternatively try grabbing it from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gakeugamj7vt07n/Legend%2...

:( Getting the same error when I download from your Dropbox

Hmm.. The other guy who requested a Mac version was able to play it. It could be an issue with your connection, but I'm not sure. At any rate, here's a new attempt at a Mac build, see if this one works: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2z5ijhmjpssuvg/Legend%2...

I think this is a Mac security settings issue. See here: http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/45404/mac-downloade...

Will try again when I get home. Thanks for the help!

Nice find. Haha, pesky Apple and their security concerns.. I'd love to know if this solves your issuse, once you have time to try it!

There's some funny business going on with the music tracks in the East and West areas. First of all the tracks are accidentally switched, and second of all one of them doesn't even play at all. The music's volume in general could also be better balanced. I will fix these issues as soon as I awake from my post-gamejam sleep.