[1.4] Speedrun past those softlocks!

I was working on this update over month ago, but I got quite distracted by Desert Bus for Hope 2019 for a week ...and then Pokémon for 3 weeks. 😅 But it's here now, and there are some significant bug fixes and small features to mess around with.

Version 1.4 changelog:

  • Changed version numbering from 0.x to 1.x, as I think 1.x makes more sense considering the game is "done" (aside from small updates like this).
  • Added a speedrun timer! Toggle it on/off from the options menu.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in player not being able to attack after dying and respawning.
  • Updated that really annoying room where a frog often jumps on you from above while riding a lift. The frog will no longer jump on you, and the terrain has been changed so you don't need the charge attack as much.
  • Added room-specific code to prevent battery blocks going out of bounds, to prevent softlocks.
  • Moved a button in a room, to prevent softlocks.
  • Slightly changed terrain in a room that was no longer necessary with the new anti-softlock code.
  • Slightly changed terrain in a room to make an annoying jump slightly easier.
  • Fixed missing tile issues in multiple rooms.
  • Added "road closed" sign to the bottom right in the town.
  • Updated and fixed errors in Yeqon's dialogue.
  • Updated save file date formatting on the Continue / New Game screen so it can no longer extend beyond the box.
  • Fixed player's location on the map screen not always flashing the correct colour.
  • Changed playtime on the map screen to same format as the speedrun timer.

Debug updates:

You shouldn't need to know about this, but with my track record of accidentally leaving softlocks in, maybe it's good to know:

  • Debug mode is now toggled on/off with F12, as opposed to some obscure keyboard combination.
  • Added a new debug menu with lots of tweakable things, including the new room switcher, player abilities, an option to reset battery blocks, and more. Open it with F1 while debug mode is on.
  • Added a map to the room switcher, so it's not a total guess where you'll end up.



Dec 08, 2019

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