[0.2] Softlock fixed!

Version 0.2 changelog

  • The battery block-related softlock has been fixed! Battery blocks should now correctly remember their positions when you leave and come back to a room, preventing you from getting stuck, particularly after beating the second boss.
  • The big room in the forest, where you have to let a battery block fall through 3 gates, has been slightly redesigned.
  • Added outlines to lots of objects that didn't have outlines.
  • Fixed boss countdown going "3, 2, 3" - now correctly goes "3, 2, 1".... 😅

If you're playing the older version of the game, or just in case the softlock still occurs for some odd reason, you can still free yourself via the debug mode's room switcher. Hold D, E, B, U and G, and press F12 to toggle debug mode. Press F1 to use the room switcher. Don't abuse this 😉

Fixing the softlock was highest priority, as it prevented people from seeing the ending to the game, so I pushed this update as soon as I could. That means I haven't added save files yet, but I will do that soon.


Aug 15, 2019

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