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Like, a lot. But one day, while watching the telly, he realises that he has run out of cake. Join SATAN in a delicious quest through (a bit of) Hell, while eating as much CAKE as possible!

SATAN wields a trident that shoots electric beams, that are able to tramsform his enemies into cake. Meet a host of enemies and bosses - and eat them all!

Made in a month and a half for A Game By Its Cover 2019 - a jam about making games based on fake game carts created for the Famicase art exhibit.

Inspired by CAKE QUEST by pixelhans, for Famicase 2017.

Roughly 30-90 minutes playtime, or thereabouts. YMMV.


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Great game, was really fun, but it definitely could use control mapping.
Also, the select button could open the map, would have been handy.


very nice!

Great game! I really liked it although I might have raged a little bit. I made a video in Spanish about this amazing game if anyone wants to see it.

¡Gran juego! Me gustó mucho, aunque puede que me haya enojado un poco. Hice un video en español sobre este increíble juego si alguien quiere verlo.


Oh my god, PLEASE add control changing. The game is completely impossible otherwise.


Hey there, OneFourtySevenAM here, and I just played your game for a video series I have called "Indie Picks". If you're at all interested in seeing what I thought of your game, feel free to watch the video below.


2 years later? godlike.

I found a bug, where if you die after buying an upgrade without saving, you´ll lose the upgrade but won´t be able to purchase it again

Awesome. Is this made in Game Maker Studio 2?


amazing. I tried PS4 controller and it worked immediately. May I know how you did it?


Neat game, I just want to point out an issue I had.  I feel like I wasted time running around not knowing what to do because I didn't realise the wall jump had become available for purchase.

Also the flashing lights before bosses felt a bit harsh. Might want an epilepsy warning.

Great game, was looking for a fun little metroidvania and this is so cute and funny. Love the art style!

I've been surfing Itch for random games to play and I have to say, I like this one a lot! Love the art style and music, and I especially love the bouncy animation. 

Only issues I have with the game have already been said it seems; Charge Jump didn't really seem intuitive to me and I think it'd be nice to remap controls. Not a fan of A to attack and B to jump.

 Otherwise, great job!

Just passing a message To satan

bolo poderoso: I like woman

That's all bye

Can you go past the road blocked in The Town?


Nope 😅


Thank you, this game was great. I found it by accident through googling for boid cak itchio (diff game). I did get soft locked with the checkpoint after death. I had purchased wall jump and quick charge and it showed as purchased but I did not have the abilities. This game was worth it so I just started a new game and died less, completing it without bugs. 8.5/10. Good spiritual sequel to Cake Quest. ;)

What other game on Earth has jump on B and attack on A? I have to crab claw my hand to pull off a charge jump and my gut reaction is to jump with A and I end up dead. At least make the buttons remappable!

Kingdom Hearts, which I was probably playing a ton of when making this 🙃


This is such an adorable game.

But I hate the charge jump. And the fact that there is no cool down on damage, and that you can easily die immediately after beating the fish boss because the freeze screen messes you up.

Other than those flaws, I loved your game.


I love the aesthetic, but I agree with an earlier post the charge jumps are maddening to try to do reliably on a controller.  You gotta hold this perfect diagonal, and if you slip a little either way you stop moving horizontally or blast yourself backwards into the pit.  I tried to see if I could use JoyToKey to set another button as down+shoot,  but it seems the game doesn't recognise keyboard inputs while any controller inputs are being touched.

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I'm sorry >.<

Definitely keeping this in mind for future projects (avoiding input combinations that might be awkward on certain devices, accepting any kind of device inputs simultaneously, and perhaps even accessibility options to make actions like this easier)

It was a very interesting game. I love it

Great game! But challenging. I just completed it and I really love the art and concept/idea. Satan is so cute in this game. Also the gameplay is really good with the tight controls. Responsive and fun. Thanks Baku!

I need help on the frog bos.


I feel stupid but I'm stuck already? I bought the charge shot at the first outhouse, and after a lot of very difficult trial and error I managed to jump over the gap to talk to the crocodile... who says I need to defeat a boss to progress.

The only other area I can see to get further is a large gap where a sign says I need a charge jump, but I cannot figure out what combination of movements gets me over that gap, or if I even have the correct ability for it yet. It would be super helpful to have a proper explanation of how to do that stuff (or at least an area where I can test out the different jumps without dying/losing health!)

The aesthetic is really cute and I want to like the game but it's no fun to die and have to navigate two screens just to try again. :(


Hi! When I was making the game I thought the charge jump was fairly intuitive, but maybe it's not as well explained as it could be lol

A charge jump is performed by charging up your attack, aiming downwards, then firing off the charged attack. The huge recoil of the charged attack boosts you upwards, acting as a sort of second jump if you do it mid-air. It's this game's version of a double jump.

Here's a gif showing how to cross that gap, hope that helps.

Also, yeah, to find the first boss you need to do some backtracking, not super intuitive... I'd probably add some objective markers on the map screen or something if I ever update this game in the future .:)

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Ah, thanks for the response! I was attempting to do what's displaying in the gif, but it's really difficult for me to first charge up the shot, then jump to the right, then aim downwards, let go of the charge, and make it across the rest of the gap. I'll give it another go but I had such a hard time getting horizontal distance, and most of the time I'd either get vertical distance without the horizontal one, or because I failed to aim properly I'd actually get set back a tiny bit and land right in the water. :'(

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I'm using an xbox one controller to play. (I also am not very good at platformers/quickly timed button inputs in general, so take that as you will.)

Anyway, I realize it's a free game, so I guess this is just feedback for any of your future projects. The aesthetic is super cute and I loved what I saw of the humor so far!

Edit: well, I made it past that gap and I think I sort of got the hang of the button timing, but I kept dying for other reasons which sent me back to before the gap, so I guess this is where I determine the game is not for me. 😔It's a shame, but oh well. Thanks for answering my question!


Ah that's a shame. It's all good though, thanks for giving it a go! :D


Beat it today. Fun little game! I enjoy the art direction and the controls are very tight <3

When u have this jewel in Steam?!


Afaik it costs $100 to put a game on Steam. Can't justify that for a free game.

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Buen juego




Thanks! :D


Despite having Satan in it, this was a very cute and a smooth, dynamic platformer. Color scheme was fantastically pleasing to the eye. All of the mechanics were easy to understand and had perfect length. Not short enough to be disappointed, and not long enough to be bored, one hour of playtime. Satan looked cute here, and pixel art moved smoothly, dynamically and it looked funny. Belly mechanic was fun to use as a currency. I beat the game, in the end a cute dog gets cake to Satan. I really liked the bosses and they were simple to beat. I think it needs more bosses and needs to be more harder and frustrating, because Satan. I loved this game, very great, definitely recommended and must try.

Too good to be hell, who am i to judge i didn't see it.


Thanks for this wonderful comment :D

What is the engine this  game was built upon?



I got a problem a little like AirAngel: it is: I buy the charged jump at the Outhouse, then I die, load my savegame, and have no charged jump, while the outhouse catalogue says it's purchased, so I can't buy it one more time.

Besides, the game  is just great and I'd be happy to see next parts or something longer based on the same engine. The controls are really tight and the whole game's just fun to play.

Thank you!

I'm working on a fix for that bug as well as some other ones, and some small new features (like speedrun timer). Hopefully out this week.

Truthfully, I started work on that update like a month ago, but ended up getting a little distracted by the new Pokémon games...😅


This is my favorite game that I've played on itch.io . Really great. Would love a bigger game.

Great game! As a heads up, if you die right before the upgrade toilet (lol), and you  spawn back to the bench, my single zap doesn't work? I have to quiet the game then load it again, then the powers are back. 

I heard of this happening to someone else a while ago, never figured out the cause. I'll look into it again when I have the time D:

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Nice game, but it's ridiculously easy to accidentally softlock it with the electricity doors.
(also because of keyboard ghosting it's impossible for me to toggle debug mode)

Even in the newest version? 🤔 Please reply with further details on where and how.

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Here's one example:

I pushed the battery through the door, then used the frog to get across.

Oh yeah, I see. Thankfully that doesn't softlock you in that specific room, but I can imagine it might in some other rooms...

Yeah it did, with the door just before that one. I had to start a new save, though I got through the game much faster this time. Not sure how you'd fix this, but one solution might be to have the battery vines respawn, then removing the old battery if you take one.


Great Game


bring some pastrys hell 



got stuck at the second boss.
electricity from where I came (dumb block aint on the button anymore)
and electricity at the end (where you stand on the button to make the block fall down further).

no escape in any direction for me :-(

(1 edit) (+1)

Yeah, that was a known issue unfortunately. I just pushed an update that (fingers crossed) fixes that.


Just replayed the game and finished it.
Was really nice :-)


It was quite interesting

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Love the game! the music and aesthetics are lovely and the game mechanics are super solid. Not sure if i'm just bad or not, but i got stuck after the frog boss fight. After proceeding to the room to the right of the frog boss, I realized I was trapped between two electric gates with no apparent way to get past them. (the gate before the frog boss reset after I left the room). Please let me know if I just missed something. Even then, extremely fun and cute! (EDIT: saw the documentation in known issues.)


Same, literally just about to comment about this softlock

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Yeah, that softlock is a real pain. I've finally got time to work on this again today, fixing that is #1 priority right now.

Edit: Should be fixed now.

I wish save worked, because it's too long for me to do in one sitting. Is there much after eating the taiyaki?

(1 edit)

Yeah, sorry I couldn't get save/load done in time for release.. I'll see if I can get it working and update it soon.

After eating Taiyaki, you're about 50 % of the way through.

it's all good! The game is insanely polished and charming, especially for Jam game!


This was great!! The bouncy animations felt so great in gameplay, I'll never be able to get enough of the lo-fi dithered art style this game has got, reminds me a lot of Downwell

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if you like that, I have two things for you to check out. One is a game " Hell Is Other Demons " and another is pretty much every game a developer on steam( Caiysware)  makes. Straimium Immortaly is one game, Skelly Selest is another. Straimium Immortaly is a roguelite game sorta in the vein of BOI, and Skelly is an arena score chaser/roguelite/card game/multiple other modes bc the dev is insanely adding new stuff all the time. Both have this awesome dither effect, check em out ^^


now this is a solid game. Tons of polish and I love the music and the adorable charm of the game. I didn't beat it yet because I gotta get some sleep b/c I was up too late playing this game haha.

Seriously this could be a full blown game. Reminds me Gato Roboto